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The Story So Far

The first time I heard the name Keke Rosberg was in 2001 when I was only 14. The ITV F1 presenter Jim Rosenthal had mentioned the 1982 Formula 1 champion in a discussion regarding Mika Hakkinen. Being quite young and also not having been alive when Keke raced in F1, my knowledge of 1980’s drivers wasn’t that comprehensive. So I thought I would check to see if he had an official website to tell me more about him, but I couldn’t find one. I tried to find a fan website but again nothing appeared. Wikipedia had only started in January of that year and it didn’t have many F1 drivers listed, plus this was 4 years before YouTube so you couldn’t watch any clips. I did manage to find little snippets of information on lots of different websites, all focusing on separate parts of Keke’s career but without much overlap. It was an interesting journey finding all this information out but it was also a frustratingly long one. So I thought if I couldn’t find a site then maybe I should built it and that is how this site was born.


I researched all the information I could find, placed it in the best order I could and built a basic website to house it all. My hope was to make finding out about Keke Rosberg a much easier task for other fans and to also be of interest to any existing ones as well. Since then I have continued to learn more and more about Keke Rosberg, updating the site and making it as comprehensive as possible. Despite Wikipedia now having a much better page about Keke, I still pride this site on covering a wider and more extensive database of information on his entire career. 


In 2004 I obtained the kekerosberg.com domain address to make the site even easier to find and since then we have had an ever increasing number of visitors. Whilst Keke’s son Nico was racing in Formula 1 the site saw a massive boom in new visitors as Keke became a more familiar name again for a brand new audience. This has meant people from all around the world (over 160 different countries at last count), have been steadily visiting the site each year.


I have continued to redesign and refreshed the site periodically with each new design making the site more accessible and hopefully more informative. The biggest update in January 2021 has seen a massive amount of research conducted and a huge redesign so that I could completely overhaul the site in time for its 20th anniversary in 2021.


We have had lots of lovely people get in contact with the site throughout its existence and I would like to thank every single person who has taken the time to done so. I would also like to apologise if you do happen to get a late reply to any of these messages. As I still run and maintain it single-handedly it does mean that I can not always give it my full attention.


Although this is an unofficial website and independent of Keke Rosberg, as he is someone who doesn’t focus much on his own past, we hope he is happy for us to continue to be the virtual home of all his achievements. It’s been a fantastic experience running this site over the last 20 years and I hope to continue sharing it with you for many more to come!


Matthew Day,

Site Founder and Administrator


2005 - 2010

2011 - 2020

What can I do to help?

Please do contact us if you can provide any help or assistance. We always appreciate hearing from other fans from all across the world. This is a website is built by fans for fans and we couldn't of achieved what we have without the kindness of other Keke Rosberg supporters.


Whether it's allowing to use some images, pointing us to some useful links or supplying us with more details of a race/championship, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Also if you think you've spotted an error anywhere on the site then let us know and we'll correct anything that we might of got wrong. 


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