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What's in This Section

This section of the Keke Rosberg Fansite contains all the pages that detail Keke's nine year career in Formula 1. There are five pages within this section, all can be accessed with the menu above or via the section links below.


The F1 Statistics page is a database of all the major data and statistics from each of Keke's season in F1, displayed in an engaging visual format. The F1 wins page features detailed event reports from the five championship wins and the two non-championship wins in Formula 1. Once this page is complete it will include comprehensive qualifying and race classifications as well as videos and images, giving a full picture of Keke's triumphs.

We have a number of pages detailing the championship winning year of 1982, beginning with a page that reviews each race of the 1982 Season. The 1982 Rivals page follows on from this with an analysis of the five main rivals Keke raced against throughout the '82 championship. Our final page in this section relates to the 1982 Cars used by Keke during his title winning season. This focuses on the two models of Williams that Keke raced with detailed technical specifications, images and a 3D interactive model of the Williams FW08.

F1 Statistics

All the data from Keke's Formula 1 career including; race starts, qualifying positions, points scored and head-to-head comparisons, all presented with charts and graphs.


Image Source: The Keke Rosberg Fansite

F1 Wins

Detailed reports featuring qualifying and race classifications on the five championship and two non-championship wins scored by Keke in his Formula 1 career.


Image Source: The Keke Rosberg Fansite

1982 Season

This was one of the most unpredictable seasons in F1 history with 11 different winners and no driver scoring more than 2 wins. Find out how Keke was victorious and became the 1982 champion.


Photo Copyright: Paul Kooyman

1982 Rivals

Five rivals would battle Keke for 1982 F1 drivers title, find out who they were, the teams they drove for and how they compared throughout the season.


Image Source: The Keke Rosberg Fansite

1982 Cars

Explore the two cars that helped win the 1982 championship, with details on the technical specifications, photos and an interactive 3D model of the Williams FW08.


Image Source: The Keke Rosberg Fansite

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