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Photograph Copyright: © Paul Kooyman

Info Sources


Keke - An Autobiography by Keke Rosberg and Keith Botsford

Self-styled as an autobiography, it might be fairer to describe this out of print book as a very long interview. Although superficially structured by Keith Botsford as a chronological journey through Keke's life and career, large sections are verbatim Q & A's on any topics from any period. This certainly gives insight and depth to how Keke thinks and feels but Botsford often fails to draw these views together to form a clear narrative. Regardless of it's flaws this still delivers a great insight into the often interview shy Keke Rosberg.


It has been a good research aid for this website with the race record section providing a great amount of insight. This section isn't comprehensive as it only covers 1965 to 1984 (the book was written in 1984), and it does have some factual errors with dates and the occasional erroneous results. Regardless of these faults it's a must read book for all Keke Rosberg fans.

Finnish Formula History: 1947-89, from Midgets into Modern Times 

by Carita and Tapani Lehtinen

Written by Carita and Tapani Lehtinen in Finnish and translated into English, this is a book of monumental work. A comprehensive look at Finnish racing drivers and racing, chronologically detailing the dates, results and facts from Finnish single-seater racing from 1947 through to 1989.  There are some errors with dates and image captions but considering it is 463 pages long, written in two languages and the work of only two people, this can be excused. 

For the purpose of this website it becomes of particular use when detailing the Formula Vee and Super Vee racing from the early 1970's. Keke was competing in national and international Formula Vee and Super Vee competitions during this era, with the book bringing a lot of insight to this period. So vast in scale and scope is this book that it will no doubt become a prized resource for future generations. We can't thank the writers enough for the well of information this book has provided.

1982: Inside Story of the Sensational Grand Prix Season

by Christopher Hilton

Telling the story of 1982 through a season review format. Each race of the 1982 season is fully analysed by Christopher Hilton detailing the tracks, politics, qualifying results and faithful race reports full of all the important lap times, accidents and overtakes. All of this is aided by a fantastic collection of photographs (just ignore some of the 'dubious' captions) from the season and archive media articles. The foreword of the book is fittingly written by the '82 champion himself.

This is a great research tool for all the 1982 related sections of the site. The details in each race are much more than you will find in online articles or race reports and allow for a much fuller retelling of the events. Regardless of the obvious appeal to Keke Rosberg fans, this book by Christopher Hilton is a fantastic review of one of the most unpredictable and dangerous grand prix seasons ever.

Autodrome: The Lost Race Circuits of Europe

by S.S Collins and Gavin D. Ireland

Around Europe lie a number of long forgotten monuments, windswept and abandoned, the derelict buildings and crumbling tarmac are all that remain from once great motor racing circuits. Nine of Europe's greatest abandoned circuits recalled and revisited, all photographed as they are now (or were at time of printing), but remembered in their prime.

Although a fascinating book for any motorsport enthusiast, the chapter on the lost circuit of Keimola Motor Stadium is of particular relevance. Opened in 1966, Keke would race at the circuit on numerous occasions during the early 1970's in both Formula Vee and Super Vee racing. The book gives a great account of this wonderful circuit and its unique and beautiful control tower.


Detailed statistics and reports on all forms of motor racing, especially useful for F2, Formula 1, touring cars and sportscars.

A video sharing platform that hosts numerous videos of

races, rallies and interviews from Keke's career.

Results archive of numerous minor motorsport series. The site is no longer active however pages can still be accessed.

Invaluable database of F2 events and results from 1931 to 1984. Other race series also covered from 1906 to 2016. 

Massive database of touring car events and results from 1952 to 1993. The site is maintained as a legacy of Frank de Jong.

Public rally database of current and historical international rally events, created and maintained by a team of rally fans.

A vast collection of international and historical motorsport programme covers.

A fan built and maintained website dedicated to the Finnish race circuit Ahvenisto. Includes archive images and press.

Austrian museum that covers technology and its historical applications. Includes historical motor racing reports.

A very detailed micro site within the Scirocco Register that details the history of the Scirocco Junior Cup.

The world's largest repository of motor racing results and statistics run as the official supplier to the FIA.

Website with information about the IROC (International Race of Champions) Series.

Massive resource and database for tracing major post-war single-seater and sports racing cars.

Provides a huge list of race results, images and other sportscar race related information

Database of race results, statistics and car histories for all forms of sportscar racing.

A database of motorsport events covered by the international and very long running monthly motoring magazine.

The official website of FIA Karting, featuring an archive of past results and events.

Self described as preserving Nordic racing history, the site includes race reports from old Swedish and Finnish races.

Personal website with detailed programmes and photos of racing from Finnish racing circuit Keimola.

A blog designed "to share memories, observations & opinions on the [motor] sports past, present & future".

German motorsport news of circuit racing and hillclimbs, including the Sauerland Mountain Prize. 

Personal website that covers many topics, including the IROC (International Race of Champions) Series.

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