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Photograph Copyright: © Paul Kooyman


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 'Keke Rosberg Fansite' an official website?

No. This website is just a fan-site built by fans, for fans. It is strictly an unofficial website and has no links, endorsements or associations with Mr. Keke Rosberg or Mr. Nico Rosberg.


The official website for Keke Rosberg is: 

The official website for Nico Rosberg is:

Can I get an autograph of Keke Rosberg through this site?

No. All autograph requests should be made through the official Rosberg website at: or write to the address below.


Team Rosberg GmbH
Nachtweide 35
D – 67433 Neustadt/W.

Please add a DIN LONG envelope with a suitable stamp.

I have an important issue and I need to contact Keke Rosberg directly?

The first form of contact should usually be made via the official website at 


If and when the situation warrants it a postal address can be disclosed but please aware this is primarily for business requests that could be of interest to Mr. Keke Rosberg. Please be aware this address will absolutely not be given out for autograph requests.

Is the site available in any other languages?

Unfortunately we don’t have people fluent in other languages that can accurately transcribe the site. We would like the site to be available in Finnish and German and if you can help to do this we would love to hear from you.

The Google Chrome web browser does allow for automatic translation of websites into numerous languages. Please see this Google support page for more information on how to achieve this. 

Can I use the images on this site?

All images that have a copyright holder can not be copied or used without first gaining the permission of the individual creator of the image. If you are unsure of the copyright permissions of any images on this site, please contact us for more details.


Some images sourced via WikiCommons may be copied but only via the license terms of each specific image. Please see this WikiCommons article for further details. 

Can I get an autograph of Nico Rosberg through this site?

No. All autograph requests should be made through the official Nico Rosberg website at: or write to the address below. 


Rosberg Office
Le Titien
4 Quai Jean Charles Rey
98000 Monaco 

Please add a DIN LONG envelope with a suitable stamp.

Further Questions

If you feel that the answers above haven't resolved your question, please feel free to contact us using any of the methods on our Contact page.

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