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20th Anniversary - Brand New Website

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

This is a special year for the Keke Rosberg Fansite as 2021 marks the 20th Anniversary since we first launched the website. To mark this milestone we felt it was a great opportunity to deliver a brand new version of the site, overhauling all the information provided and refreshing the entire look of the site.

Why Now?

This year seemed liked a perfect opportunity to make changes to the site that have been required for a while. Firstly the site has moved platforms from the Moonfruit (a Flash-based system) to Wix. This change was both required due to the ending of Flash support at the end of 2020, and because the features I wanted to add to the site couldn't be implemented with Moonfruit. Moving to Wix has allowed a more modern and crucially flexible design to be used so that the site is more accessible to mobile platforms.

Secondly I wanted to push the breadth and detail of information provided beyond what had previously been displayed. Although much of the information provided on the old site was useful and informative, much of this hadn't been updated since 2011. I had been able to find a great deal more information out about Keke's racing career and there had been big changes at Team Rosberg and for Nico Rosberg's career that all needed updating.

Finally this being the 20th anniversary since first launching the site meant that 2021 felt like the perfect opportunity to completely refresh the site and its contents.

More Information

So what's changed? Well over the last 12 months I have been performing the deepest possible dive into Keke Rosberg's career using as many sources as I could find. These include all manner of books relating to Keke and to Finnish motorsport, as well as trawling the internet for as much nuggets of information as I could find.

The sections/pages that have benefitted the most have been:

  • A brand new Race Database section that lists the most complete index of all of Keke Rosberg's race and rally driving career anywhere on the internet. This spans Karting, all his junior singe-seaters races up to F2, Can-Am, F1, sportscars, touring cars and even rally's he competed in.

  • The Team Rosberg page has been given a massive makeover with up-to-date results for the DTM season, more information about the team personnel, and a more detailed history of the team's previous results.

  • Our Nico Rosberg section has been given a similar make-over with a fuller reflection of his racing career now that he has retired from driving. A brand new biography and timeline have also been added.

  • The Driver Management section has been expanded to include JJ Lehto and each driver has a much more detailed history of their association with Keke Rosberg.

  • The F1 section has also been expanded to include much more detail on Keke's career in Formula 1. These currently including the machinery he won the 1982 championship and his rivals for the championship. We will soon be adding a 1982 race-by-race guide and race reports for each of Keke's championship and non-championship wins.

New Design

The most obvious changes have been to the visual look of the whole website. As well as implementing a complete redesign using a clean and uncomplicated modern layout, the site has also been created so that it can be viewed using mobile platforms. These changes will ensure that the site is as easy to use by as many people from around the world regardless of how they access the site.

Changing the platform provider has also allowed the site to better integrate images and videos into every page. This creates both a visually better experience for visitors and will give all the information provided much stronger context.

There has also been a change to the Keke Rosberg Fansite logo and identity. With the logo we have integrated the mustache/helmet and text to form a more dynamic identity for the site. This give the logo a strong presence and but also allows for more flexibility with its application. The colour palette of the site has also been subtly changed, keeping the previous clean and bright style but modernising it with a bolder blue highlight.

What's Next?

With a change this large there are so some sections I have been unable to complete in time and so these may still be under construction. Please bear with us while we finish off any of these sections over the next 6 months.

We hope you like all the changes and please feel free to give us any of your feedback!


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