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Video: Williams FW08-01

Professional racing driver and historic racing car dealer Sam Hancock has recently made one of Keke's title winning cars available for sale. The car he is selling is the Williams FW08-01 used by Keke Rosberg for three Grand Prix's during the 1982 season. These include a third place at the German GP and the famous second place photo-finish at the Austrian GP, racing against Elio de Angelis.

As well as selling the car, committed petrol-head Sam Hancock has made a 10 minute video detailing what makes the car so special. This is an incredible opportunity to see parts of a title winning car that you rarely get the chance to see. The view from the rear (at 2.38) showing the under-car ground effects is a particular delight. Sam also takes you onboard with some fantastic immersive laps around the Donington Park National Circuit showing what this car was truly capable of achieving.

After experiencing the Williams FW08 out on track Sam then gives his immediate reaction to the driving encounter. From his reaction this is a car that has clearly made a big impact even on a seasoned historic racer like Sam and his enthusiasm for it is infectious.

As well as watching the video I would highly recommend everyone visits Sam's website, where you will find a comprehensive collection of wonderful photographs detailing the FW08-01 from every possible angle.

If you are interested in buying the Williams FW08-01 you can contact Sam Hancock through his website for more details.

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Disclaimer: I would like to make it clear this is a review of the information provided on relating to the Williams FW08-01 and is not a paid advertisement.

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Nov 29, 2021

Thank you for this kind report, I really appreciate it and am so glad you enjoyed the content - it was important to me to do this special car justice. Best wishes, Sam Hancock.

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