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RIP Murray Walker

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

We at the Keke Rosberg Fansite would like to add our heartfelt condolences to the family of Murray Walker OBE, who has sadly died at the age of 97.

Adored by Everyone, Especially the Drivers

We would like to share this story taken from a book written by Murray Walker and Simon Taylor called Murray Walker's Formula One Heroes . Murray recounted a conversation (below) he had with Keke at Keke's last F1 race.

In 1986 he went for his last season to McLaren alongside Alain Prost. He was determined to win the final race of his career in Australia, and he sought me out before the start. Now, my reputation for saying things are going well for a driver just before it all turns bad is as well known in the F1 paddock as it is in the nation's living rooms. "Murray," said Keke, "You know this is my last race. If I am doing well, for God's sake don't say anything. I don't want to suffer from the Curse of Murray Walker." Well he came through from seventh on the grid to put himself in a solid lead, and of course I had to tell the viewers that Rosberg was leading his last race. With 20 laps to go a tyre burst, and it was all over....

This anecdote proved how much all the drivers valued Murray's presence and how equally important he was to the paddock as the audience at home. Murray's service to the sport was a badge of honour proudly worn by every driver lucky to be commentated upon. His unique style has often been mimicked but his knowledge and enthusiasm has never been surpassed and is a standard modern broadcasters are still held against to this day. We have lost a true legend of motorsport and Formula 1, as well as a lovely and caring human being.

RIP Murray Walker OBE.


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